Zambezi River Challenge Raises 23k for Worthy Causes

August 08 2018

The team here at PDX have never been ones to sit on their laurels when a worthy cause presents itself to them. We have always tried to do our bit when we can for those less fortunate than ourselves.

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It was Beth, our Marketing Manager’s turn this time. When she was invited to join a group of 9 adults from the UK, on an intrepid 80km, 4 Day journey by canoe, down the Crocodile and Hippo infested waters of the Lower Zambezi river and camping overnight on remote islands along the way, she jumped at the chance. Particularly when she found out she would be doing it to raise money to help protect Africa’s endangered wildlife and to educate young disadvantage kids about the importance of sustainability.

So in July, Beth swapped her 9 to 5 for a 4 x 4 and a canoe and set off to a remote part of Zambia to help raise funds for a local wildlife conservation charity (Conservation Lower Zambezi) and deliver IT and sporting equipment to a school who otherwise receive no help at all from the government.

Beth and nine of her fellow expedition crew, successfully completed the challenge and collectively managed to raise £23k for their worthy causes.

It was also Beth’s birthday whilst away on the trip and when the group stopped for lunch that day, they were treated to the amazing spectacle of over 50 elephants all sharing the same spot on the river to take a much needed drink. We won’t divulge how old Beth was this birthday but she counted as many elephants drinking as she would have done candles on her birthday cake this year.

Great effort Beth!

To see and hear more about their challenge, visit the team’s Virgin Money Giving page here.

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