Episode Three: Want More from 3PL Fulfilment than Just Pick and Pack?

October 31 2016

Want More from 3PL Fulfilment than Just Pick and Pack?

Episode Three: Wearwell

Another customer PDX have enjoyed a fantastic relationship with for over 15 years, Wearwell, are a prime example of the importance of working closely and growing with your customer.

Wearwell create some of the worlds best ergonomic flooring and matting surfaces.  Products include flooring that reduce the repetitive impact of heavy boots, improve concentration by preventing fatigue, reduce slips & falls therefore creating a more productive and happier environment for all staff.  And it’s not just manufacturing areas that benefit, Wearwell produce off the shelf and bespoke items for Aerospace, oil and gas exploration, fulfilment, pharmaceutical, food processing and hospitality industries.

The logistics partnership started 15 years ago and initially we just handled Wearwell’s parcel deliveries.

Today however we look after all of their UK & European logistics including warehousing over 400 pallets, container offloads and the pick and pack and dispatch of hundreds of lines of their specialist products on a daily basis.


bespoke-cutting-service The fun however does not stop there, in addition to this we also provide Wearwell with a cutting service on their mats.  Rather than relying on the US parent company to provide all the bespoke cut lengths Wearwell wanted to bring the operation to the UK to improve supply and turnaround times.  This involved transforming part of our warehouse to have a custom made cutting machine implemented with extensive training provided to the team to ensure the cutting and finishing of the mats was to the same high standard as currently delivered by the US.

bespoke-cutting-service-machineWith such a high level of integration with Wearwells day to day operations, PDX are entrusted to deliver on every level. Bespoke cutting, picking, packing and delivery on time!

To find out more on our ability to adapt to suit your needs and take the pain away from your fulfilment operations, contact us now….