Episode One: Want More from 3PL Fulfilment than Just Pick and Pack?

June 27 2016

Want More from 3PL Fulfilment than Just Pick and Pack?

Episode One: Equilibrium Products

Equilibrium Products came to PDX looking for a 3PL fulfilment partner to warehouse and distribute their equine based goods. Products include leg protection, therapy, sun & fly protection and nutritional food based packs.

They were previously with a large warehousing distributor but wanted to find a company with a more personable approach who they could work alongside rather than the old adage of ‘small fish in a big pond’.

Initially the spec was to offload incoming stock from containers and trucks, store the products in our secure warehouse, pick & pack the daily orders and then dispatch via our parcel and pallet networks.


Shortly after coming on board requirements for product building and quality control were discussed and introduced. Certain items are shipped in with multiple parts that make up the various sizes of product. PDX’s role was to ensure strict procedures are adhered to make sure the end product was made to the high standard expected by Equilibrium and their customers.

product-quality-checkFurther to this PDX were asked to carry out product specific quality control, again following the stringent checks outlined by Equilibrium. One particular item involves testing the chargers, batteries, operating functions and even down to ensuring the quality of stitching is as expected.

Equilibrium Products are a great example of how PDX Logistics work directly alongside their customers to ensure they achieve their goals. Our ability to adapt and tailor our operations means customers are not restricted by the usual warehouse limitations.

If you feel that perhaps you aren’t partnered with a fulfilment house that are capable of going the extra mile on your behalf, then talk to us because it’s what we do.