UK Organic Wholesalers are helping to develop total supply chains for organic

March 07 2019

“The UK organic market continues to experience steady healthy growth, with sales increasing by 5.3%. That means almost £45 million a week is spent on organic in the UK” tells the Soil Association in its ‘Organic Market 2019’ report. (Source: Soil Association 2019 Report)

The report cites the growth within the organic sector to be fuelled by relevancy, as our culture shifts towards consumers making conscious, ethical choices on food and drink and other aspects of daily life such as waste, packaging and energy. “Organic’s integrity and values fit well with mindful consumerism, environmentalism, veganism and vegetarianism – trends which are dominating the market”.

“It’s the perfect time to shout about the benefits of organic – ‘Food as it should be’”, says Helen Browning, the Soil Associations Group CEO. (Source: Soil Association 2019 Report)

The increased demand within the market has spirited an increase in innovation within the sector too.

This applies not only to products that are being produced but who is leading the charge and what channels to market they are exploiting.

For example, the report highlights that;

“Wholesalers are helping to develop total supply chains for organic through working directly with processors. They make exclusive products available for the independent market reducing the need for on-shelf price competition with the supermarkets. Many key brands stocked in the independent sector are brought to market by wholesalers themselves”. (Source: Soil Association 2019 Report)

Top-selling organic products through the wholesalers… include flavoured teas, healthy cereals, supplements, specialist drinks such as coconut waters and vegetarian options and fermented products.

Organic Food Federation logoThis mirrors our own experience as here at PDX, we have noticed a ‘healthy’ spike in the number and breadth of Organic Wholesalers coming to us, as one of the few Certified Organic Warehouse & Fulfilment centres in the country, for warehousing, transport and fulfilment services.

It’s an area of our business offering that we take great pride in – to work alongside ethical businesses – helping to enhance their capabilities as the demand for their products grow. However, as with all businesses producing consumer goods for sale…

Waste from plastic packaging remains an enormous challenge to traders.

The word ‘natural’ is often accurately (and too-often inaccurately) associated with organic products and their production methods. However, whatever the true merits of the production of the product are, the devastating impact of the end-product – the plastic WRAP packaging – in our environment is one of the hottest issues we all face. Nearly 70% of all plastic waste in the UK is packaging. Therefore, it is imperative all purveyors of Organic products need to re-invent, re-think and re-define their packaging.

This ‘warning’ is highlighted in the report, that says:

“…More than 8 out of 10 [consumers] were ‘very or ‘fairly concerned’ about packaging when they made choices to buy products. Over a quarter (27%) expect companies that produce products to take responsibility for packaging”. (Source: Soil Association 2019 Report)

In Summary

For those of you reading this who are in the business of bringing Organic products to market, good news, you are in an enviable position as your market sector stands to continue to grow year on year and for the foreseeable future, and if we can help streamline that growth through the efficiencies our services here at PDX Logistics provide…

Everyone is a winner…. WAIT….except maybe the environment!

This has got us thinking. Our strapline at PDX is “Creating An Environment for Your Success”.  You will see us quote that line everywhere on our website and marketing literature – it’s an ethos we passionately believe in and we stand by it 100%, but a plastic-free environment – ours is not. For starters, we heavily plastic wrap all the goods on pallets we distribute so they can be transported around the country safely and intact. 🙁

It just goes to show, we all need to think and act responsibly and be innovative in how we tackle the issue of reducing the impact of our successes.

We will vow to adapt our ethos to include, ‘Creating a Greener Environment for Your Success’ if you do too. Challenge accepted??!!

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