This is Precisely Why We Operate Alongside Pallet-Track

July 06 2017

You may already know that Pallet-Track are our national and European pallet distribution partners.

But did you know they are not only delivering but thriving on more levels and in more significant ways than the vast majority of their competitor’s?

Pallet-Track are fast becoming a leading-light within their sector because they are a pallet network with a progressive and innovative approach to investment in technology, performance, customer service and growth and we are delighted to bring you the latest inside ‘track’ from them that describes this perfectly.

Some of the IT solutions and innovations Pallet-Track have been developing and implementing are not direct touch-points for customers, but they are fundamental in building upon the efficiencies and performance of the network as a whole, which inevitably means they are and will be real crowd pleasers. If you merely wish to skip the detail about network improvements and learn about the specific projects that apply to you as a customer of PDX, jump to;

  1. GO2 ConnectIT, the new Customer Cloud Portal launching early in 2018.
  2. The Customer Implant System, consignment generation and automated label generation software.

Our reaction to this news is clear: At PDX, we have been a Pallet-Track shareholder member for 7 years and we are consistently proud to be surpassing our client’s expectations via game-changing improvements like these that are rapidly revolutionising our systems and capabilities across our network. Thank you Pallet-Track!

Recent Projects from Pallet-Track

1. Central Billing

Automated processing of inter-depot pricing via centrally billed purchase invoices and self-bills, including any price related queries.

The introduction of Central Billing resulted in simplified financial administration and mutually agreed and resolved queries pre-invoice via the Price Adjustment Requests (PAR) on the Pallet-Track Web System. Consignments are priced in accordance with the manifested data, the submission of discrepancies and relevant PAR’s follow in a timely manner.

2. E-Doc Customer Paperwork

Fully automated customer paperwork platform, improving productivity throughout the network.

Excellent feedback followed the implementation of the Electronic Customer Paperwork process. E-Doc is a digital customer paperwork solution designed to remove the pressures associated with manual document sorting throughout the Network.

Depots (like PDX) are able to scan the original paperwork once collected from the customer, or receive PDF’s via email which can be attached to the consignment. Customers utilising the Online Portal have the ability to upload and attach their own paperwork against consignments entered.

In all instances these documents transmit automatically via the software to the Hub system and the Delivery Depot, providing autonomous printing once the consignment is routed and driver runsheet generated.

E-Doc significantly improves productivity across the Network allowing members to share documents electronically and the software currently processes over 8000 documents daily all of which are seamlessly managed via the cloud.

3. Depot Scanning Software

Fast, accurate capture of scanning information on a modern platform

This new scanning solution is available on both Intermec and Motorola hardware and provides long range capability, increased functionality and a modern touch-screen interface.

Enhancements to the discrepancy process includes photo capture capability and simplified yet detailed submission of pallet dimensions. These improvements have refined and completely revolutionised the discrepancy process throughout the network 

4. Proj-X

Proj-X will ensure we have a clear and concise technology roadmap as we drive into an era where current technologies will constantly be overtaken by new, more dynamic software.

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A long term partnership needs investment – in time, money and resource. We have the continued commitment of our technology partners who have invested heavily in the Azure Cloud providing modem technology and world class disaster recovery management.

Following this significant investment in Microsoft Azure Cloud technology a new style of working. With simplified workflow and easily deployed enhancement will be unveiled to all (network) members during 2017/2018.

5. ETA

The ETA concept is an essential component within the distribution sector to fulfil customer requirements. These planning tools will deliver ETA information throughout the network along with superior vehicle utilisation and cost visibility, providing accurate information and improved customer service.

The ETA concept has its own complexities and as we explore the current system and proposed software development, it became clear in order to achieve the best, most flexible and accurate solution we needed to design and deliver much more – ETA was simply the end product.

Development is already underway to modify all necessary elements, providing not only the accuracy as mentioned – but improved tools to enhance the user experience for both depots and their customers.

6. GO2 PlanIT

Next generation planning tools to help drive efficiencies, provided detailed reporting and deliver ETA information to all members whilst ensuring excellent customer service standards.

The ETA concept is an essential component within the distribution sector to fulfil customer requirements. These planning tools will deliver ETA information throughout the network along with super vehicle utilisation and cost visibility, providing accurate information and improved customer service.

“[Pallet-Track’s] Aim is to provide customers with an accurate ETA solution unparalleled in our sector”

Enhanced planning tools along with a fantastic ETA solution will provide the entire network with significant benefits, including cost-analysis tools, simplified job allocation and control tower view of live statuses, all of which improve inter depot and customer service standards.

7. GO2 ConnectIT

Introducing the all new Customer Cloud Portal – ConnectIT 

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In January 2018 Pallet Track will launch the new and exciting Customer Cloud Portal. This modern, user friendly software will enhance the user experience for customers and provide excellent tools and reporting functionality.

In a world determined by technology customer demands are ambitious and these new, exciting features will exceed their expectations. ConnectIT is certainly the gateway to providing customers with superior tools to manage consignments, boasting clear and concise visibility or status updates and dynamic reporting functionality, satisfying the analytical requirement of the customer.

ConnectIT is a flexible based internet based software solution making it compatible across multiple hardware platforms.

Development work is already underway and we will continue to work closely with our technology partner to redesign and deliver this fantastic new product. 

8. GO2 Mobile Workforce

The new Android Workforce solution includes defect management and sub contractor application.

Mobile technology in transportation provides those in our sector with data our predecessors simply could not obtain. In a world governed by technology, we are all dependant on constant connectivity with drivers, assets and cargo. Consequently we must continue to incorporate new technology into our businesses to maintain long term stability and secure continued growth

The current mobile solution delivers exceptional results and will continue to function into the future. However, we must think ahead, so during the next twelve months we will redesign and upgrade our mobile software to current android technology. Whilst the existing Windows Operating Software will continue to function without issue, we must ensure the integration of android technology is seamless.

The Zebra TC56 Android Device will host the new android application and in addition we will develop and launch a Sub Contractor App compatible with smart phone technology. These developments will allow us to integrate with other business applications reduce deployment costs, upgrades will  become easier and it will simplify workforce training.

9. Customer Implant System


This implant software permits orders produced on customer own systems to be imported into ConnectlT, creating consignments and allowing automated label generation.

The software will not form part of the impending GO2 system and will be an optional feature. However this IT solution will be invaluable to some customers preventing duplicate data entry therefore improving productivity.

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