The Gift of Giving: A Responsibility We Choose to Standby

January 13 2017

The Gift of Giving: A Responsibility We Choose to Standby

As we are now back to ‘normal’ after the holiday season (whatever normal is!!), I am proud to report, that for many years at this time of year, myself and my staff have raised much needed funds via challenges such as the Costa Rica Cycle Challenge – Coast to Coast 500 km, with fellow Director Claire Norton. Saddle sore but £8.5K raised for Jarjari School, or donated to an eclectic assortment of charities ranging from Homeless charities, Cancer charities and the RSPCA.

However, their ‘normal’ at anytime of year is the constant battle to raise much needed funding and our ‘gifts’, albeit small, help. And as long as PDX continues to make profit, it will continue to give to charities at this time of year.

Why? Looking outside from my warm office at the heavy rain I cannot even begin to understand what it must be like to find shelter from the cold and wet with only a little clothing and a thin sleeping bag for warmth and a damp cardboard box as a mattress. Yet we comfortably off folk, still find something to complain about during the season of good will and over indulgence. Funny world we live in!!

This year, in place of giving customers gifts and cards (I hope you don’t mind!), we instead sponsored 50 Christmas day lunches for the Crisis homeless charity who also provide showers, clean clothes, warmth and much needed friendship for anyone who is out in the cold this Winter. We have also on your behalf given a donation to the RSPCA, at a time when their resources are most stretched too.

Happy New Year one and all,

Best Wishes

Geoff Morgan
Managing Director

Hi Geoff,
That’s really generous of you, thank you very much for thinking of us. Without donations from the public and companies like PDX, we wouldn’t be able to continue our vital work. Your donation will definitely help animals in need this Christmas.
Leanne Copp
Corporate Account Manager


Crisis charity gift from PDX