Sleep Easy, PDX’s New Warehouse Security System is Looking After Your Stock

April 19 2017

Sleep Easy, PDX’s New Warehouse Security System is Looking After Your Stock

Not content with our standard CCTV and having immediate police and fire response through our 24 hour remote monitoring station we have just installed a new ‘super-duper’ camera system.  14 new cameras have been set up providing high definition recording around the perimeter and within the warehouse.  With excellent night vision capability, the new additions to the PDX security kit are second to none.

And here’s the fun bit.  Each camera can be remotely accessed using the secure login software.  This means our monitoring and management team have 24/7 coverage of the warehouse wherever they are.  The really really cool bit is that the cameras come with motion detectors so we don’t have to be watching all the time.  We set the times we are not on site and if the camera’s pick up movement they send a message to the monitoring team to inform them.  Being in such a secure location we don’t expect too many late night messages but if we do we are instantly ready to see what’s going on!

Next time you visit the warehouse, be sure to check out the new big screen TV in the office which displays all the new cameras and their HD coverage!

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