PDX’s is now a Certified Organic Warehouse & Distribution Centre

April 19 2017

PDX sees ‘Organic’ Growth (but not in the way you might think….)

So this spring our warehouse and distribution has quite literally grown…… Organically! As of March this year, we have become a Certified Organic Warehouse and Distribution Centre.

It all a started a few months ago when we received an enquiry from a customer looking to warehouse and distribute pre-packaged organic products coming in from Sri Lanka. In order to bring organic certified products into the UK you need your warehouse partner to be organically certified too. Never one to shy away from a challenge we started investigating the requirements to achieve the necessary status. Fortunately we are also working towards the British Retail Consortium standards for food storage and distribution and a lot of the necessary requirements are present in both.

After confirming to our potential new customer we believed we could meet the standard we received an auditors visit from the friendly and very helpful Organic Food Federation. Their comprehensive auditor assessed our documentation, procedures and processes to ensure they and the warehouse operation met the high standards expected to house and distribute organic products.

Following our successful audit we are now in the process of extending this to become accredited in ‘processing’ organic products. This will allow us to offer our organic customers relabelling and repackaging options on all their goods, helping them reach a wider market.

If you’re asking yourself why organic?

As our friends at the OFF explained, organic production is fully sustainable and environmentally sound. There is an increased awareness of the importance of sustainable methods of food production which reduce the detrimental impact on the environment. There has been a considerable growth in consumer demand for organic products which is reflected in the increase in organic commodities found in the marketplace. Organic produce is traceable from the farm to the fork because at every stage of its journey it is inspected and certified. This ensures the integrity of any product marketed as organic. PDX is proud to become a key part in the chain of this growing industry and hopes to help many more organic companies warehouse and distribute their products in the UK.

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  1. Interested to know whether you can help with our storage and fulfilment B2B and B2C from our website (Magento platform). We make certified organic extra virgin olive oil, contained in sealed glass bottles, packed in cardboard boxes. we harvest once a year, stock held on pallets – usually around 20 per harvest.

    Please call to discuss?

    07778611650 – Natalie Wheen


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