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The Art & Science of Success: 20 Influential Pieces of Advice from Leading Retailer Experts

As committed retailers and entrepreneurs, you know that to start a business and grow it to be a profitable enterprise is not straightforward or quantifiable.

There is no magic formula you can anoint yourself with or express train you can embark on. Success is not a science or an art. It’s a mixture of both. As someone once said; where Science is the system of acquiring knowledge, Art is the application of knowledge.

With that in mind, we thought we would invite you to take an opportunity to learn from expert industry insiders who share the best advice they learned that inspired their professional life and success in business.

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Will UK distributors face a pallet crisis if no-deal Brexit?

Earlier this year, The Guardian newspaper raised an “unpalatable” warning concerning the distribution industry. It reported that in the event of a no-deal Brexit, palletised goods could be prevented from transiting between the UK and the EU due to a “dire shortage of the ‘right-sort’ of pallet to import and export goods”. “If the UK leaves the EU without a deal the overwhelming majority of wooden pallets, used to transport a vast range of consumer goods from breakfast cereal to pet food, beer and chocolate, will not meet strict EU rules designed to stop the spread of bark beetles and other pests.” (Source: The Guardian).

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UK Organic Wholesalers are helping to develop total supply chains for organic

“The UK organic market continues to experience steady healthy growth, with sales increasing by 5.3%. That means almost £45 million a week is spent on organic in the UK” tells the Soil Association in its ‘Organic Market 2019’ report. (Source: Soil Association 2019 Report)

The report cites the growth within the organic sector to be fuelled by relevancy, as our culture shifts towards consumers making conscious, ethical choices on food and drink and other aspects of daily life such as waste, packaging and energy. “Organic’s integrity and values fit well with mindful consumerism, environmentalism, veganism and vegetarianism – trends which are dominating the market”.

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PDX Recognised with Platinum Pallet Network Service Award

PDX are very proud to have been honoured with Platinum pallet network service status once again in 2018. We have a one-of-a-kind trophy to prove it.

PDX is a shareholder member of Pallet-Track, the premier pallet delivery network in the UK. With over 83 members nationwide supporting the network and over 22,000 pallets handled every night from their state-of-the-art centralised hub, our customers can expect unrivalled IT systems and service levels.

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Essential Pallet Delivery Advice for Retailers and Wholesalers

There are several challenges that need to be overcome to ensure a successful delivery which range from vehicle access, weight of goods, unloading requirements and movement of goods once off the lorry. Whether we are collecting or delivering a pallet there are lots of things you can do to help us provide the best possible service. Take a look at our helpful pointers:

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5 Last Minute Ideas to Spruce Up Your Christmas Marketing in 2018

It’s December already?! How did that happen?!  So you planned to create a sparkling marketing strategy for the festive season back in October. Now all of a sudden the last eight weeks have flown by and you’ve got nothing. Don’t panic! Sure, in an ideal world you’d be sitting back scoffing mince pies whilst your well-planned and executed campaign is fully under way by now. But the world of good intentions rarely run smoothly.  Happily, there’s still time to act.

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Offer free delivery: It’s the biggest incentive for customers today to shop from you

Shopping-cart abandonment is a massive problem for online retailers so taking steps to avoid that trend and converting your e-shop visitors could pay massive dividends. Taking statistics from 29 different studies, the Baymard Institute, have estimated that around 68% of online shopping carts are abandoned. Delivery options play a pivotal role in an online shopper’s decision of where to spend their hard-earned cash.

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PDX will donate £1 to the Royal British Legion for every pallet shipped during WW1 Centenary week

PDX will donate £1 to the Royal British Legion for every pallet shipped during WW1 Centenary week

100 years ago the First World War ended, and a new world began. The example and experience of those who lived through it shaped the world we live in today.

In 2018 The Royal British Legion is leading the nation in saying Thank You to all who served, sacrificed and changed our world. To commemorate this momentous centenary, PDX commit to donating £1 to the Royal British Legion for every pallet we ship during the week running up to Remembrance day, Sunday 11th November 2018.

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6 Ways to build customer loyalty with creative and thoughtful packaging

It’s easy to see why customer loyalty is becoming harder to secure – there’s so much consumer choice out there. If customers do choose to stick with one single brand or retailer, what makes them stick?

Although it can be challenging to attract and retain customers, there are plenty of ways a business can stand out by making the purchase feel special, and that includes how you package your customers order, both with the materials used and in the ways you choose to send your product.

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PDX Retains Organic Status for its 2nd Year

Following our annual audit from the Organic Food Federation, we are pleased to announce we have retained our organic storage and processing accreditations for a second year.

Achieving and maintaining the accreditation status involves implementing disciplined procedures and protocols throughout our admin and warehouse operations. It reflects our dedication to ensuring the organic integrity of our customers products is preserved from receipt to dispatch.

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Zambezi River Challenge Raises 23k for Worthy Causes

The team here at PDX have never been ones to sit on their laurels when a worthy cause presents itself to them. We have always tried to do our bit when we can for those less fortunate than ourselves.

It was Beth, our Marketing Manager’s turn this time. When she was invited to join a group of 9 adults from the UK, on an intrepid 80km, 4 Day journey by canoe, down the Crocodile and Hippo infested waters of the Lower Zambezi river and camping overnight on remote islands along the way, she jumped at the chance.

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Making the logic in Third-party Logistics stand out.

In view of an increasingly global and co-dependent economy, as well as a need for organisations to maximise efficiency, minimise costs and meet the exacting delivery expectations of customers, there has been a sharp rise in demand for the specialist solutions offered by third party logistics (3PL) providers. These solutions are varied and include warehousing, distribution and transportation as well as other added value services such as assembly and packing, among others.

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Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box

Whether you’re a B2C or B2B operation, or a ‘big fish or a little fish’ in your pond, what do […]

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Pallet-Track Raises £20,000.00 for WellChild

Pallet-Track (Our Logistics Partner) Raises £20,000.00 for WellChild Following this incredible fundraising achievement by Pallet-Track and our fellow network members, […]

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This is Precisely Why We Operate Alongside Pallet-Track

You may already know that Pallet-Track are our national and European pallet distribution partners. But did you know they are […]

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PDX’s is now a Certified Organic Warehouse & Distribution Centre

PDX sees ‘Organic’ Growth (but not in the way you might think….)

So this spring our warehouse and distribution has quite literally grown…… Organically! As of March this year we were certified in the storage and distribution of organic goods.

It all a started a few months ago when we received an enquiry from a customer looking to warehouse and distribute pre-packaged organic products coming in from Sri Lanka. In order to bring organic certified products into the UK you need your warehouse partner to be organically certified too.

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Sleep Easy, PDX’s New Warehouse Security System is Looking After Your Stock

Not content with our standard CCTV and having immediate police and fire response through our 24 hour remote monitoring station we have just installed a new ‘super-duper’ camera system. 14 new cameras have been set up providing high definition recording around the perimeter and within the warehouse. With excellent night vision capability, the new additions to the PDX security kit are second to none.

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The importance of making a good first impression online

Last year we decided to re-brand PDX and introduce a new website and I am very pleased we did. The re-design has produced a tenfold increase in visitors and genuine enquiries, some of whom are now customers utilising our warehousing, fulfilment and distribution services. It astounds me how straight-forward the ‘move’ was. Compare that to the process of selling my house – another major move I’ve been involved in this year – I would be forgiven for feeling a little exasperated.

Unlike selling a house, we could control and influence our web and content whereas the house sale is in the lap of the Gods (or Estate Agents as we call them), who are good, but where are Kirsty & Phil when you need them?!

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Reviewing Your Distribution and Warehousing Operations: Get to the Bottom of the Bottom Line

In today’s increasingly competitive and politically uncertain climate, there has never been a more important time for suppliers and retailers to focus their attention on the bottom line of their operations and to review or respond to any potentially destructive or negative influences on the company’s objectives and projections.

Many Operations Managers are rightly being asked to reduce costs or better yet, increase productivity and efficiency and lower cost at the same time.

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The Gift of Giving: A Responsibility We Choose to Standby

As we are now back to ‘normal’ after the holiday season (whatever normal is!!), I am proud to report, that for many years at this time of year, myself and my staff have raised much needed funds via challenges such as the Costa Rica Cycle Challenge – Coast to Coast 500 km, with fellow Director Claire Norton. Saddle sore but £8.5K raised for Jarjari School, or donated to an eclectic assortment of charities ranging from Homeless charities, Cancer charities and the RSPCA.

However, their ‘normal’ at anytime of year is the constant battle to raise much needed funding and our ‘gifts’, albeit small, help. And as long as PDX continues to make profit, it will continue to give to charities at this time of year.

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Episode Three: Want More from 3PL Fulfilment than Just Pick and Pack?

Episode Three: Wearwell

Another customer PDX have enjoyed a fantastic relationship with for over 15 years, Wearwell, are a prime example of the importance of working closely and growing with your customer.

Wearwell create some of the worlds best ergonomic flooring and matting surfaces. Products include flooring that reduce the repetitive impact of heavy boots, improve concentration by preventing fatigue, reduce slips & falls therefore creating a more productive and happier environment for all staff. And it’s not just manufacturing areas that benefit, Wearwell produce off the shelf and bespoke items for Aerospace, oil and gas exploration, fulfilment, pharmaceutical, food processing and hospitality industries.

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PDX Logistics Receives Top Award in Performance Medal Table

With Team GB surpassing all expectation by winning 2nd place overall in the medals table at the Rio Olympics, we couldn’t help but reflect on this huge achievement.

The athletes attribute their success not just to their personal dedication and performance on the day but acknowledge they wouldn’t be the best they can be without the support and experience of a variety of people. Be they nutritionists, coaches, funding partners, R&D groups or family members, it’s one cleverly knitted team who share the same vision.

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The Humble Wooden Pallet; A Revolutionary Design That Has Inspired Generations

Amongst all the new technologies we have adopted in our industry over the years, it’s the humble wooden pallet that remains the essential tool of our trade – we couldn’t operate efficiently without them.

It wouldn’t surprise us if all the pallets in our 40,000 square feet of warehouse space plus the hundreds we transport on a daily basis up and down the country could be stacked so high together we could probably reach the peak of Ben Nevis without the need for crampons, or provide Bear Gryls with enough life-raft material for his entire TV career! (no offense Bear).

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Episode Two: Want More from 3PL Fulfilment than Just Pick and Pack?

Episode Two: Geeta’s Foods

PDX have enjoyed a close working relationship with Geeta’s food for over 10 years. A company recognised for their high quality food products and authentic indian flavours. Geeta’s, like all successful businesses, have evolved over the years, introducing new products and entering new UK food sectors and European markets and they’ve grown in size and turnover considerably as a consequence.

PDX has been there every step of the way, working closely and adapting to enhanced pick and pack fulfilment requirements to ensure Geeta’s are free to focus on sales and innovation in the comfort of knowing their products are safe in our hands.

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Episode One: Want More from 3PL Fulfilment than Just Pick and Pack?

Episode One: Equilibrium Products

Equilibrium Products came to PDX looking for a 3PL fulfilment partner to warehouse and distribute their equine based goods. Products include leg protection, therapy, sun & fly protection and nutritional food based packs.

They were previously with a large warehousing distributor but wanted to find a company with a more personable approach who they could work alongside rather than the old adage of ‘small fish in a big pond’.

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3PL and Order Fulfilment for Start Ups; Good, Bad, or Mad?

Whether you’re thinking about starting an e-commerce business, or if you’ve been selling products for a while, you might be considering employing a 3PL (third party logistics) provider to look after your warehousing, shipping, and fulfilment.

At PDX Logistics, we have worked with several start up companies. It’s a part of our business that we really love because it’s utterly infectious working with anyone who is enjoying the success of their ambition, innovation and energy spent on getting an idea out there and who are working hard on driving it forward. It’s where we were 25 years ago!

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Warehousing and Distribution: Ownership vs Outsourcing

Warehousing and Distribution: Ownership vs Outsourcing There will come a time in all product-driven businesses when there’s a need to […]

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Is it Time You Considered Outsourcing Your Online Order Fulfilment?

Many small e-commerce businesses and start-ups find that when they begin selling goods online, they have the time and inclination to personally manage every aspect of the business themselves. However, as a business grows and gains momentum, this is rarely a sensible, strategic or cost-effective option to sustain…

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25 Years in the Logistics Business, it’s Not All Black and White Except the Hair Colour!

Incredible how the logistics industry and technology has moved on and I love my company to embrace technology, however I leave it to the younger colleagues to ensure we are up-to-date with our technology systems so that we meet our customer’s needs. Beth (our web controller) came into my office and shouted ‘Jan Blogs’. My reaction was, ‘’is she on the phone?’’!!!…

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Fundraising Challenges by PDX Logistics Staff

When we think of The Gambia, many of us will picture glorious beaches and wonderful sun-filled holidays. But this is only half the story, The Gambia is a country of huge contrasts, a third of the population live below the international poverty line. Despite this, education is highly valued, even in the smallest village…

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