Online Warehouse Inventory Management


Smart Online Warehouse Inventory Management is the essence of good logistics and the key to the success of your business (also the saviour of your health and sanity).

You want to be able to work in a business that runs efficiently and effectively at every step of the supply chain ladder and you can’t do that if you’re not in control of your key assets, your money, or the demands of your customers.

Warehousing your products requires a solid Warehouse Management System (WMS) that ensures product levels are there to meet your orders and SKU’s are detailed by codes that relate to first in first out, best before dates, serial numbers etc so you can rotate your inventory at will.

Our WMS system is flexible because we appreciate products are picked differently from a single item, inners, outers or palletised. Any which way is possible including a mixture of both for an order.

Most of all, you need access to this information in real-time, at your fingertips. All our clients can view their WMS and inventory levels anytime of day or night (24/7), on any web browser or mobile device with internet access.

Optimising Efficiency

The bumpier the journey, the more uncomfortable the outcome. A good inventory management strategy starts with saving you effort, time and money and ends with happy customers.

Improve Visibility

Keep the ball firmly in the air by monitoring and managing your operation in real time, anywhere, anytime with ease.

Increase Profitablity

Keeping accurate track of your on-hand, ordered products, and fast and slow moving lines, you can react accordingly with greater insight and speed leading to fewer shortages and less waste.

Enhance Customer Relationships

Strong inventory control leads to what you are striving for – happy customers, referrals and ultimately repeat business. If you want your hard-earned customers to come back, you need to be able to meet demands quickly.

PDX is a shareholder member of Pallet-Track, the premier pallet network service provider in the UK.

Our Buckinghamshire based warehouses are protected by the latest EU regulated security systems.

From leading brands to start up e-commerce businesses we can provide high quality order fulfilment services.

PDX can store and distribute campaign and marketing materials from give-aways to exhibition materials.

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geeta's foods customer testimonial

We have been working with PDX for over a decade now. They understand our meticulous requirements and have a flexible approach that has allowed us to grow our business and take advantage of new opportunities, in particular Exports, which have grown significantly since using PDX. I would recommend them to any business that requires a partner with a Can Do attitude.

Jimil Patel, Supply Chain Manager, Geeta's Foods Ltd.

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