The Humble Wooden Pallet; A Revolutionary Design That Has Inspired Generations

August 19 2016

The Humble Wooden Pallet; A Revolutionary Design That Has Inspired Generations

Amongst all the new technologies we have adopted in our industry over the years, it’s the humble wooden pallet that remains the essential tool of our trade – we couldn’t operate efficiently without them.

It wouldn’t surprise us if all the pallets in our 40,000 square feet of warehouse space plus the hundreds we transport on a daily basis up and down the country could be stacked so high together we could probably reach the peak of Ben Nevis without the need for crampons, or provide Bear Gryls with enough life-raft material for his entire TV career! (no offense Bear).

Invented in the early 20th century and popularised with the advent of its humble bed fellow, the cardboard box, the wooden pallet and the modern logistics industry go hand-in-hand. Clearly we love them! But rather than bore you with a look at how invaluable this unassuming invention is to us, we thought we’d take a light hearted look at the many ways in which the wooden pallet has inspired others to create. Afterall, the summer is here and most of us are spending as much time in our gardens as we can, while we can. So here is something for all you DIY’ers on a budget or those who are a dab hand at upcycling to be inspired by.

It’s clear to see the wooden pallet is anything but ‘waste material’ once it has served its original purpose. From entire contemporary homes to a home cinema; from a garden patio to a swimming pool; from a kitchen work top to a skateboard – all made from pallets!


Not forgetting the Pallet Christmas Tree we’ll be decorating again this year!


Got for it Pallet people!