Episode Two: Want More from 3PL Fulfilment than Just Pick and Pack?

August 08 2016

Want More from 3PL Fulfilment than Just Pick and Pack?

Episode Two: Geeta’s Foods

PDX have enjoyed a close working relationship with Geeta’s food for over 10 years. A company recognised for their high quality food products and authentic indian flavours. Geeta’s, like all successful businesses, have evolved over the years, introducing new products and entering new UK food sectors and European markets and they’ve grown in size and turnover considerably as a consequence.

PDX has been there every step of the way, working closely and adapting to enhanced pick and pack fulfilment requirements to ensure Geeta’s are free to focus on sales and innovation in the comfort of knowing their products are safe in our hands.

The Geeta’s product journey starts in the heart of what makes the food so authentic – India.  The products are shipped via containers directly to PDX.  A team of PDX operatives carefully handball the loose boxes of various products onto pallets in pre-set configurations to ensure product safety in storage and onward transport.  Each box is checked to ensure correct product, batch code and best before date are loaded onto separate pallets.  Additionally the PDX operatives will carry out various spot checks during the offload to check for damages as well as quality control checks to ensure products are laid out correctly within the boxes and the labelling is accurate as per the specifications set by Geeta’s.

The goods are then securely and safely stored in our warehouse.  All the product descriptions, batch codes and best before dates are entered onto our bespoke warehouse management system. This allows for accurate stock management to ensure the correct best before dates are always used.

Orders are then picked and packed onto pallets for distribution in the UK and around Europe.  This can range from 1 pallet to a full artic load of 24 pallets to one of Geeta’s large distribution centres.

You’re probably thinking the above is straight forward warehousing and you’d be right, but you don’t get to enjoy a 10 year relationship with a customer unless you consistently get all the little thing right time and time again.

You also don’t build successful long-term associations if you’re not prepared to understand your customers business and make the necessary changes to adapt and support them through growth and new ventures.


When Geeta’s started shipping to European markets there was the obvious problem that the goods that arrive here in the UK all have English labels.  Production and transport time from India meant that it was not feasible to have products labelled at source and sent over.  Especially when entering new markets and not knowing what levels of stock is going to ship and how quickly.  So we agreed to have Geeta’s send over the multi-lingual labels and we would over sticker the products that need to go abroad. This allowed them to ship exact numbers and work to the ever important batch codes and BBE dates.

This worked well until we ran into the small problem of what to do with the goods that come in vacuumed packed.  To relabel them we have to remove the packaging but then they won’t be accepted at stores if they are loose.  Outsourcing was discussed but time, costs and product safety were all important factors.

There was only one solution to ensure all concerns were addressed and the continuous high levels of service met.  Invest in a heat sealing machine and do everything ourselves.


So we did and following a few lightly toasted employees on training run mishaps we added heat-sealing fulfilment to our repertoire meaning we could continue to offer Geeta’s a holistic solution package to all their warehouse, pick and pack and distribution requirements.


If you feel that perhaps you aren’t partnered with a fulfilment house that are capable of going the extra mile on your behalf, then talk to us because it’s what we do.