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December 09 2018
festive decorations

5 Last Minute Ideas to Spruce Up Your Christmas Marketing in 2018

It’s December already?! How did that happen?!  So you planned to create a sparkling marketing strategy for the festive season back in October. Now all of a sudden the last eight weeks have flown by and you’ve got nothing. Don’t panic! Sure, in an ideal world you’d be sitting back scoffing mince pies whilst your well-planned and executed campaign is fully under way by now. But the world of good intentions rarely run smoothly.  Happily, there’s still time to act.

August 08 2018

Zambezi River Challenge Raises 23k for Worthy Causes

The team here at PDX have never been ones to sit on their laurels when a worthy cause presents itself to them. We have always tried to do our bit when we can for those less fortunate than ourselves.

It was Beth, our Marketing Manager’s turn this time. When she was invited to join a group of 9 adults from the UK, on an intrepid 80km, 4 Day journey by canoe, down the Crocodile and Hippo infested waters of the Lower Zambezi river and camping overnight on remote islands along the way, she jumped at the chance.

August 23 2016

PDX Logistics Receives Top Award in Performance Medal Table

With Team GB surpassing all expectation by winning 2nd place overall in the medals table at the Rio Olympics, we couldn’t help but reflect on this huge achievement.

The athletes attribute their success not just to their personal dedication and performance on the day but acknowledge they wouldn’t be the best they can be without the support and experience of a variety of people. Be they nutritionists, coaches, funding partners, R&D groups or family members, it’s one cleverly knitted team who share the same vision.

August 19 2016

The Humble Wooden Pallet; A Revolutionary Design That Has Inspired Generations

Amongst all the new technologies we have adopted in our industry over the years, it’s the humble wooden pallet that remains the essential tool of our trade – we couldn’t operate efficiently without them.

It wouldn’t surprise us if all the pallets in our 40,000 square feet of warehouse space plus the hundreds we transport on a daily basis up and down the country could be stacked so high together we could probably reach the peak of Ben Nevis without the need for crampons, or provide Bear Gryls with enough life-raft material for his entire TV career! (no offense Bear).