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September 21 2018
building customer loyalty

6 Ways to build customer loyalty with creative and thoughtful packaging

It’s easy to see why customer loyalty is becoming harder to secure – there’s so much consumer choice out there. If customers do choose to stick with one single brand or retailer, what makes them stick?

Although it can be challenging to attract and retain customers, there are plenty of ways a business can stand out by making the purchase feel special, and that includes how you package your customers order, both with the materials used and in the ways you choose to send your product.

July 02 2018

Making the logic in Third-party Logistics stand out.

In view of an increasingly global and co-dependent economy, as well as a need for organisations to maximise efficiency, minimise costs and meet the exacting delivery expectations of customers, there has been a sharp rise in demand for the specialist solutions offered by third party logistics (3PL) providers. These solutions are varied and include warehousing, distribution and transportation as well as other added value services such as assembly and packing, among others.

March 16 2017

The importance of making a good first impression online

Last year we decided to re-brand PDX and introduce a new website and I am very pleased we did. The re-design has produced a tenfold increase in visitors and genuine enquiries, some of whom are now customers utilising our warehousing, fulfilment and distribution services. It astounds me how straight-forward the ‘move’ was. Compare that to the process of selling my house – another major move I’ve been involved in this year – I would be forgiven for feeling a little exasperated.

Unlike selling a house, we could control and influence our web and content whereas the house sale is in the lap of the Gods (or Estate Agents as we call them), who are good, but where are Kirsty & Phil when you need them?!

August 19 2016

The Humble Wooden Pallet; A Revolutionary Design That Has Inspired Generations

Amongst all the new technologies we have adopted in our industry over the years, it’s the humble wooden pallet that remains the essential tool of our trade – we couldn’t operate efficiently without them.

It wouldn’t surprise us if all the pallets in our 40,000 square feet of warehouse space plus the hundreds we transport on a daily basis up and down the country could be stacked so high together we could probably reach the peak of Ben Nevis without the need for crampons, or provide Bear Gryls with enough life-raft material for his entire TV career! (no offense Bear).