Case Studies

HPS client case study

Complete 3PL services dispatching to QVC, Amazon and John Lewis

HPS Ltd.

HPS Ltd. contacted us in the autumn of 2016. They were looking to move away from their current fulfilment house due to poor service and inaccurate order fulfilment and stock control. It was clear from our first engagement that this was a customer who had been seriously let down in the past and lost all confidence in 3PL solutions. We knew changing their perspective and reinstalling the confidence could not be achieved overnight but we trust in our tried and tested practices and procedures and knew that over time they would see the difference.

First things first we needed to collect their pallets of stock from their current warehouse and get it back to PDX. As we were aware of the stock discrepancy issues we needed to make 100% sure that what we booked in was accurate. This involved working closely with the customer to compare packing lists received from the old warehouse and what the PDX team were booking in. The most important part at the beginning of any new customer relationship is ensuring the stock is correct. If this is not done properly at the start it can lead to problems and loss of confidence at a later date.

Once all the stock was safely booked away into the PDX warehouse it was time to start dispatching orders. Using our in-house warehouse management system we are able to accurately pick and dispatch products ensuring correct models, sizes, colours and batch numbers have been sent.

We quickly demonstrated to HPS that they could start trusting in their 3PL partner once again and the relationship has grown from there. We now carry out quality control on products and bespoke pack orders ready for QVC, Amazon and John Lewis.

Our lovely contact Lynn at HPS once said she loves working with us because she never has to contact us. We are hoping it’s because everything goes so smoothly and not because she doesn’t want too!

geeta's foods customer testimonial

Warehouse, Delivery and Fulfilment, International Seller

Geeta’s Foods

PDX have warehoused the full product range for Geeta’s Foods for over 10 years.

When the relationship started Geeta’s Foods were primarily known for their chutney’s but due to their success they have developed new ranges over years to include, curry pastes, spice & stir curry sauces, nan breads, pickles and squeeze chutney. All of these products are warehoused with PDX.

Products arrive at PDX either by trailer but mostly loose in containers, where PDX operatives de-stuff product on to pallets separating by Batch Code & Best Before Date. A quality check is made of products arriving by container and a Quality Report produced for Geetas. Should there be an issue set protocols take place as agreed with the client.

All Inventory is managed on our Warehouse Management System and allocated by the BBD and Batch Code with orders being fulfilled on a first in first out basis. Orders generally are shipped on pallets via the Pallet-Track network for the UK and our European ‘partner’ Dachser for Europe.

With the success of Geeta’s food across Europe, PDX also carry out re-labelling of the products to allow them to be sent and sold in any country in Europe whether it be new or existing markets. This also includes vacuum wrapping packs of jars or bottles using our in-house heat sealing machine which means goods dispatched meet the necessary standards to be accepted in all of the top retailers

Ty-Gard PDX wraehousing and fulfilment Customer

Warehouse, Delivery and Fulfilment, International Seller

Ty Gard

A client for over 7 years, the Ty-Gard products (heavy duty container tape) are shipped to PDX by container from the U S. Although a relatively small range of products the need for care and attention in fulfilling orders is paramount as most orders are shipped in to Europe and some are Army locations. Added value services are re-labelling cartons for the Dutch Army.

PDX Client Equilibrium-Products-Logo

Warehouse, Delivery and Fulfilment, E-commerce

Equilibrium Products Ltd

A client of just over 2 years, Equilibrium had previously been working with a large warehousing and distribution operator. They were looking for a Logistics Partner who were personable, flexible, cost effective and could meet urgent short notice requirements. They also required a company that were comfortable to perform quality control checks on certain products lines.

Since the start of our relationship PDX has tailored their WMS to link into the client’s Inventory Control System to give a seamless information flow between both companies.

Orders can range from one pick to hundreds and shipping can be cartons or pallets. Orders are fulfilled and shipped the day of receipt at PDX.

More recently PDX have been entrusted to warehouse and distribute Equilibriums new horse feed lines which has included meeting their necessary audit standards to ensure safe storage and distribution.

wearwell europe pdx customer

Warehouse, Delivery and Fulfilment, International Seller

Wearwell Europe Ltd.

Warehousing nearly 400 pallets and hundreds of lines of specialist anti-fatigue mats and ergonomic flooring, Wearwell are one of PDX’s longest customer partnerships. We have a link direct into WE Ltd. order processing system and download orders daily.

PDX have also transformed part of their warehouse to accommodate a specialist and unique service to cut lengths of matting to specific sizes for their clients. This involves highly skilled and well trained PDX operatives using bespoke machines to cut and finalise all mats and floors to the customer’s exact specifications. Orders are fulfilled and shipped daily as either carton or palletised for the UK & Europe.

logo-zurvita-PDX customer

Warehouse, Delivery and Fulfilment, International Seller

Zurvita Inc

A client based in the US and one where PDX act as their UK/European address as we deal with returns etc. Zurvita’s health supplement products are marketed by the MLM method and therefore all orders go to home addresses via our courier. Orders are downloaded daily from Zurvita’s Back Office.


Warehouse, Delivery and Fulfilment, E-Commerce

The Gift and Gadget Store

Gifts and Gadgets are a successful web based fulfilment company. Their orders are traditionally straight to the end customer and are generated through Amazon and eBay. The online market orders link directly into their order and stock management system.

G&G were looking to outsource a particular range of products from their own operation and decided PDX were the ideal company to partner with. PDX were entrusted to use G&G’s management software which enables PDX to review orders, Inventory Manage the many SKU’s, produce all documents and ship.

As the partnership developed additional SKU’s were added with increased utilisation of PDX’s secure warehouse facilities. G & G have a varied arrange of products from low value items to high end products. Fulfilled orders are shipped throughout the UK & Europe with a small percentage going worldwide.

Bulk orders for Amazon have recently been passed to PDX to control as these require re-labelling of items and outers plus palletising prior to managing the booking in to an Amazon RDC.

APR medtech PDX customer

Warehouse, Delivery and Fulfilment, Healthcare Business

APR Medtech

APR Medtech is a specialist independent medical technology company providing high quality medical devices and support services to the NHS and private healthcare sector.

Prior to the start of the business the Directors of APR sort advice and opinions from PDX’s Directors on ‘how they should set up logistics’ for their new venture. Based on this when the APR Directors pressed the start button they did so in the knowledge the ‘bits’ they knew nothing about were in safe hands.

PDX were able to offer them a cost effective and simple storage and distribution package which catered for the initial small numbers but also offered them the flexibility to grow at their own pace. This included additional storage requirements, handling new product lines and packing items to meet the standards required at the varying medical facilities.

Most importantly PDX offered a hands on and personal experience where we genuinely share the customer’s enthusiasm to ensure APR’s business grew successfully.