25 Years in the Logistics Business, it’s Not All Black and White Except the Hair Colour!

February 03 2016

25 Years in the Logistics Business, it’s Not All Black and White Except the Hair Colour!

Incredible how the logistics industry and technology has moved on and I love my company to embrace technology, however I leave it to the younger colleagues to ensure we are up-to-date with our technology systems so that we meet our customer’s needs. Beth (our web controller) came into my office and shouted ‘Jan Blogs’. My reaction was, ‘’is she on the phone?’’!!!

PDX-25-yeas-in-the-logistics-industryAt the end of April 16 we would have completed 25 years in the logistics business, starting as an overnight parcel operation and we have evolved many times to ensure we did not standstill as a company and were able to develop our skills and services to meet the ever changing ‘face’ of the Logistics industry.

Our aim was never to be the biggest but to provide consistent high levels of service and be flexible and creative whereby the ‘big boys’ could not. We learnt that when we made a mistake we put right the issue albeit mistakes were not always because of us, sometimes it is the customer but generally a bit of both. Taking ‘ownership’ is where we begin which ultimately leads to both parties working together to resolve the issue rather than blame. I believe these core values remain with PDX and are far more pertinent in 2016 than 1991 when we commenced business.

When we started a proof of delivery was very rarely asked for, if it was we had to obtain it from the delivering depot via the post as not all had a fax machine!!!

I remember after a couple of years that the ‘Big’ parcel carriers were introducing POD’s and tracking on line (nowhere near as slick or informative as today) but nonetheless it was a new era. I still smile that customers chose this new ‘innovation’ above service and that with all the investment by the big carriers that they decided to cut rates dramatically, which even today are up to 50% less than we sold at 25 years ago.!!!

Due to the developments in the overnight parcel industry I could foresee we would struggle in the future and we began to look at other services we could offer with the first major move into warehousing and fulfilment. We continued in the parcel industry for several more years but it became obvious it was going to drag the company down so we ‘dumped it’ to ensure we stayed in business. The warehousing and fulfilment services continued to grow and evolve and is a major part of PDX to this date with us now having two reasonable sized warehouses.

In 1998/9 as we were finalising the plans to come out of the parcel industry as a new ‘industry’ was in its infancy, that of Pallet Networks.

I looked into this new exciting sector, not much competition, and high rates for small loads of palletised freight. After 17 years and 3 pallet networks I can honestly say that our current network, Pallet-Track is by far the best and an industry leader on service.

LtoR: Brian Conley (Entertainer), Claire Norton (Director, PDX), Geoff Morgan (MD, PDX), Mark Pulford (Logistics Director, Pallet Track) at the Pallet Track Awards 2015.

In my book the staff come first not the customers because good happy staff give good service to our customers. I am very lucky with my staff, we all get on, we don’t need to do ‘PC’ because we have a mutual respect for each other, none more so than Claire who has been with me from day one. A remarkable loyal individual.

I mentioned the desire to provide consistent high levels of service that is the same now as it was in 1991 and for the past two years we have been awarded one of Pallet-Tracks top awards for service, quality and commitment to maintaining high standards.

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